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PHIL KÜFFER - Songwriter | Composer | Music Producer
Who I'am

Phil Küffer

songwriter, music producer & artist from Bern, CH

Phil is a a songwriter & producer from Bern, Switzerland. He is best known as producer, songwriter and artist of the AC pop band Anshelle. He has co-produced several chart-topping albums of the band.

Phil has received national & international music awards (Best Swiss Talent in September 2007, Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards for Best International Pop Song and Best International Pop Band in 2007 and Best International Rock Album in 2010).

Phil has been working with producers in- and outside of Switzerland (Steve Lyon, UK: Depeche Mode, Laura Pausini, The Cure – Rob Chiarelli, USA: Will Smith, Madonna, Leann Rimes – Sky van Hoff, Germany: Mrs. Greenbird, X Factor Germany).


songwriting for artist, tv & film or advertising agencies.

music production

music production for artists, film & tv music supervisors or ad agencies.

recording studio

The primary service offered is the recording, mixing and mastering of audio provided by bands, voice-over artists and everything else. The recorded audio will be edited, mixed and mastered for later rendering to CD or DVD as per request.

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Hei zu Dir

The latest music video by the Küffmanns. Video filmed and produced by Phil Küffer.


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My Work

Some examples of my work as a songwriter/music producer.

Whether dramedy cues for reality tv or orchestral film soundtrack.
The creative options are endless.
Just contact me.