Music Producer & Mixing Engineer

Phil Küffer


My Name is Phil

I am a music producer & mixing engineer. My skills are covering a wide range from songwriting, arranging to producing – from recording, mixing to mastering audio. I’m passionate about crafting the most authentic, cutting edge mix of your song and create a sound that you will love to listen to over and over again. Take a look around and if you like, get in touch with me and together we will build something great!


My Services

These are the main services I offer. As you can see, you will get everything from one source. My long experience as a songwriter, musician and producer ensures not only a speedy and professional approach, but also a smooth transition from one step to the next.


If you need help with your song I can help you with songwriting, arrangement and lyrics.


If you need a producer to help you steer into the right direction, I can help you out by producing your song.


In my recording studio we can record vocals, guitars, bass and other acoustic instruments. I can also arrange drum recordings with my partner studio.

Mixing & Mastering

I will mix your song and lift it up to the cutting edge production style.

Let’s do something great…

My Projects

Convince yourself and listen to my work crafted with love for every detail.

Anshelle – VII
Anshelle – Blink Of An Eye
Anshelle – Unplugged Sessions
Anshelle – All In
Anshelle – Betty’s Garden
Anshelle – Rewind Please

Latest News

What I’ve been up to.


My Studio

My studio is located right on the border between the cantons of Bern and Fribourg, in the historical region around the former county of Oltigen. The control room perches above a vineyard and opens up spectacular views of the meadowland.


Contact Me

Ostranges Studio
Phil Küffer
Mösli 49B
3207 Wileroltigen