How long does it take to mix my song?

Depending on my working load and availability I usually need 1 week from you delivering the files until the final mix. Please keep in mind that I will regularly provide you with feedback, so plan enough time so we both have some space for exchanging ideas and finding the right direction for your song. I will charge a day’s work, as this is the time I need for a standard mix.

Do I need to be at the studio while you are mixing?

No, that is not necessary. I will send you the mixed songs as mp3 file and we can communicate on the phone or via email. Please consult the audio format page (link will follow soon) before sending me your audio files. You will find all information about how exactly you can send me your files.


Why should I record vocals at your studio?

The voice is the most crucial element in a (pop) song and therefore, needs the most precise attention. There is a lot that can go wrong from the performance itself until the audio signal is converted into the digital format. We make sure that each step of the signal path is watched with the utmost attention, so that you can focus solely on your permormance. We also test various microphones before recording a song to make sure we find the best fit for the appropriate song. Furthermore, the setting of the studio with breathtaking views of vineyard and meadowland is quite something. Let yourself be inspired by this extraordinary place!

Can we record our whole band?

This depends on the size of the band. Drum recordings, for example, are not possible. However, I have a great partner studio in Bern, where complete band formations can also be recorded.


Do you offer accomodation and food at the studio?

Yes, we have a separate guestroom incl. bathroom (toilet/shower). We are happy to organize/cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for you. In the village itself there are no shopping facilities (except for a farm store with spirits). However, all amenities can be found nearby in the neighboring village. Please contact us for more information.

How do I get to your studio

Public Transport

The Ostranges Studio is reachable by public transport, however not on a consistent daily basis. Please check the train and bus schedule.


You can easily get here by car. There is a parking slot available on the opposite site of the studio.